Design Build Legal
Design Build Legal


Legal Innovation. Service Design.


For Law Firms

We help you protect your client relationships and win new work by designing systems to improve client service and add more value. We facilitate different and better conversations between you, and in-house counsel and legal ops, to help you identify their needs and design solutions to meet them.

For In-House Teams

Are you getting the service you need from your law firms? We help you articulate your operational and business challenges and opportunities, and work with your current firms -- or help you find new ones -- to meet those needs.


Our Experience

The great thing about Kate and Andy is they can provide high-level strategic advice and challenge executive leaders to think differently, but they can also execute.
— Stephanie Axelrod, former VP, Community and Strategic Initiatives, Seattle Children's Research Institute
Andy and Kate are strategic thinkers who understand the inner-workings of law firms. They know how to push the envelope just enough, design new approaches, and bring the right team together to get things done.
— Jennifer Castleberry, Director of Marketing, Lane Powell

How We See Things

Andy sat down with the International Legal Technology Association to discuss our experience launching and growing a client-focused innovation effort within an Am Law 200 firm.