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Design Thinking Workshop Recap

We had a blast with you in New Orleans!
Here's a look back at what we covered in our session, and links to more resources.


Every Design Thinking Workshop kicks off by helping the audience gain empathy for a customer. You can't design solutions unless you understand the person for whom you're trying to solve a problem. Sadly (and we mean that), we couldn't bring Jacob to New Orleans. So we did the next best thing: shot a six-minute video of him talking about the challenges of running his business and the places where he could use some help. Here's the video we showed on Thursday.

ABout design thinking

Design Thinking is a creative approach to problem solving and designing new solutions. It starts with building empathy for your end-users, encourages collaboration and rapid ideation, and challenges you to test your ideas before investing too many resources. Design Thinking helps you design services and solutions that will delight your clients and customers!