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Pivotal: Matter Reporting & Projection

The law firms we work with are generally in one of two camps: either they are proactively rolling out budgets and reporting to provide clients with predictability and transparency, or they are waiting for clients to demand budgets and reporting, putting them behind from the start. Most firms, even those using sophisticated software, complain that the reporting modules in their time and billing systems are too static, not customizable, not visual, and not interactive. And we hear that most of the tools on the market tell you where you ARE, but don’t allow you to project where you’re GOING when it comes to the matter budget. That’s why we developed Pivotal from Design Build Legal. Take a look at the images below, and then try it out for yourself at the bottom of the page. Or contact us for a tour so we can show you how this flexible, easy-to-use solution can work for you.

Try it for yourself! Here’s a demo version of Pivotal from DBL

Click, hover, and use the tabs at the top to move around. Send us an email if you’d like a tour