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Designing Legal Solutions.

Our Services

design thinking workshops

We facilitate design thinking workshops that help lawyers and staff build empathy for clients, identify opportunities to solve client problems that go beyond discrete legal needs, rapidly prototype client-facing solutions, and work in teams in new ways.

preferred provider & coordinating counsel programs

We work with legal departments to design preferred provider and/or coordinating counsel programs that help them get more value from outside counsel, better manage their portfolios of legal work, and leverage data to offer strategic advice to the business.

On the other side, we work with law firms to develop more compelling offerings to help them win opportunities to serve in these roles.

Strategic planning & innovation

We work with your team to develop strategic plans focused on innovating your services. Whether you are looking to engage lawyers and staff to design more efficient ways to work, develop new service delivery models, or work directly with clients to design legal solutions tailored to their needs, we help you come up with a strategy that takes advantage of current resources, and helps you avoid pitfalls, execute quickly, and track results.

Legal Innovation education

Our educational presentations walk legal professionals through disruptors in today’s legal industry, alternative staffing models, process improvement techniques, and legal technology solutions. Our goal is always to help lawyers and staff see opportunities to bring these tools and approaches into their own work in order to provide more value to clients, win more work, and increase efficiency. 

Legal solutions design

Whether it’s in response to an RFP, a proactive proposal opportunity, or an effort to grow or save a client relationship, we work directly with in-house counsel and law firm client teams to design legal solutions that offer greater value and draw on data to inform opportunities to mitigate risk.

client Insights interviews

We are firm believers that your innovation strategy and investments should be informed by what your clients need – this all starts with having new kinds of conversations that draw out clients’ operational and business challenges, pain points, and evolving needs. We facilitate Client Insights Interviews with the goal of helping your firm identify opportunities to design client-facing solutions, enhance the services you already offer, or fix pressing client service issues. Following each interview, we synthesize our findings into actionable reports that provide recommendations on how you might execute on the strategic opportunities identified.

Data analysis & visualization

There is data hiding within your legal matters. Data that can tell you why legal issues are arising; how much the issues might cost — it can even tell you how the issues might be prevented going forward. We help you unlock and aggregate this type of data, leveraging tools to visualize and analyze it, and identifying insights to help you, or your client, make data-driven decisions.